WAXING (Berodin wax used - an East Bay local Co.)

Bikini Wax - $35

Brazilian - $75

Full Leg - $65

Half Leg - $35

Underarm - $15

Brows - $20

Lip - $10

Brow & lip - $25

Full Face (including brows) - $50

Full Face (excluding brows) - $35

Chin - $12


  • AYURVEDIC REJUVENATING THERAPY : A luxurious therapy that will nourish and balance one’s skin. Treatment includes gentle Gharshana (exfoliation) using raw silk gloves. Deeply relaxing marma, lymph, hand and foot massages. Your senses are treated by an intoxicating home-made tea of chamomile & lavender soaked towels. All of this is just icing on the cake with the use of Purearth, an award winning, ethical and wellness skin care line. $160 90min

  • REZENERATE SIGNATURE FACIAL : The skin is given a gentle exfoliation while penetrating a serum that best compliments your skin’s needs. This may be something hydrating, calming, or anti-aging. This treatment utilizes nano-technology which helps open up your skin’s stratum corneum which in turn allows the ingredients being used, to penetrate into your skin more effectively. This immediately improves tone, texture, and balance! Incorporated into the facial are the benefits of Cold Therapy and Yogic principles with the ‘Zen’ benefits of an acupressure facial. $150 60min

  • SKIN CLASSIC TREATMENT : Treats various minor skin irregularities, usually in one treatment - Skin tags, Milia, Fibromas, Flat Hyperpigmentation, Cherry Angiomas, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Telangectasia, and Saringomas. An affordable non-laser treatment that works quickly on the epidermis only. Upon consult, your esthetician will give you an estimate for treatment. Treatments are performed to give you a homogenous look.

Estimated cost: 25-$35 per irregularity or $200-$300 (face, neck, & décolleté ). Price dependent on # of irregularities.


    The face and neck are particularly effected by MLD due to the large number of lymph vessels and nodes that are found in the area. Pre and post operative procedures are helped by removing congestion, accelerating the healing process and minimizing scarring. Laser resurfacing and elective plastic surgery is an ideal time to receive MLD. The healing time of the skin is reduced and the risk of infection can also be reduced. There is also an analgesic effect with MLD. This reduces pain post-op, thereby supporting the healing process.

    Manual Lymph Drainage may be used for many conditions. Elective surgery, cosmetic disorders: acne, rosacea, scars, burns, keloids, stress; and after illness. MLD can create clean, clear, and radiant skin. 30 min. Treatment $57.50

    WHAT IS M L D?

    Manual Lymph Drainage is a GENTLE TREATMENT that stimulates fluid movement in the tissues by increasing the function of the lymph vessel system. The lymph vessel system carries excess water, proteins, and fats from the loose connective tissue back to the blood stream. The initial immune response occurs in the lymph nodes. If pathways become congested or damaged, fluids can build up in the loose connective tissue and lead to edema and cell pathology. MLD’S GENTLE, RHYTHMIC, PUMPING, MASSAGE MOVEMENTS follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results. MLD is the most effective hands-on treatment for lymphedema.